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Website Update

Hi folks, Jack Wylder here. Things have been rather crazy for me here lately, but Larry noticed that when he shared one of his posts on the Facebook it was grabbing an image at random to go with it and asked that I look into it. Well I got that squared away, but while I was doing that I noticed that when we made the switch from the old domain to the new one, many of the subscribers’ info didn’t make it. So I’ve added a new link to subscribed over there on the left <— (of you’re on mobile, you’ll have to go down to find it.) For this one post, you can just use this:

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So if you didn’t get an email about this, but found it through Facebook or by just checking the site, sign up now! I’ve also set it up so you can log in with either WordPress or Google+ credentials. (Facebook and Twitter are going to take some time from the ILoH, and time is the one thing he does NOT have right now, so you’ll have to continue to be patient.) In the comments there are also now options to be notified of all comments on that post, or just responses to YOUR comments- your choice. I’ll be making a few more changes in the weeks to come- I’ll let you know when the time is right. We now return you to your regularly scheduled internetting; had this been an actual emergency, you would have heard screams in manateese, quote possibly followed by explosions. So once again, we have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.