I made the Locus Bestseller list again


Cool. MHV came out a few months ago, but it is still hanging in there and selling well. I have no idea how Locus calculates their list, but I was #5.  Which is odd, because I sold a much higher number of books during the release month (October, when I made the New York Times bestseller list) but I didn’t show up on Locus then, but Bookscan had MHV as the #4 fantasy novel in the country. 

I don’t know how these bestseller lists work. They’re like voodoo or something.  Maybe they hired that octopus that predicted the World Cup. I don’t know.

So both of my released novels have made the Locus list. Let’s see if we can get Hard Magic on there next. Maybe one of these days Locus will review/mention me.

Oh, and writing update. There are not going to be three Larry Correia releases in 2011. There are going to be FOUR.  TGC:1 in May, MHA in August, D6 in October, and TGC:2 in November. EDITED for clarity. I forgot that it is 2011 already. 🙂

Yep. Things are hopping around here. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “I made the Locus Bestseller list again”

  1. The thing that gets me is I can not find the new book in the book stores here, I ended up getting as an Ebook form Baen.

  2. Holy crap! You gotta be trying for some sort of record to release four books in a year.

    I don’t mind, though. Keep ’em coming. 😀

  3. Larry you’re trying to make us all go broke aren’t you?


    On an unrelated topic… Are you going to LTUE this year? Because I will be going this year, and I’ll need to bring copies of your books for you to autograph. 😉

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