Series 3 Challenge Coins & Swag Shop Opening

Hey everybody- Jack Wylder here to announce that the swag shop is now open again!
The Series III Challenge Coins are up there along with new Team HooDoo swag (& a bunch of other stuff)

Shop will remain open until Sunday October 17th at 4pm CDT.

For more details, see the State of the Swag 2021 Address here:

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15 thoughts on “Series 3 Challenge Coins & Swag Shop Opening”

  1. Will there ever be a chance to get the cuddlebunny t-shirt again? I love Mr. Trashbags and need a shirt with him on it. Also a plushie (which I know has been mentioned before).

    1. James, we haven’t even closed the shop yet! These are advance orders. When the shop closes on Sunday, we’ll tally everything up and put the order in. The molds are finished and they’re ready to go, but these things still take time. We’ll keep everyone updated as things progress. We’re confident in getting these out expediently, but they haven’t even been made and we are not Amazon.

  2. What?! Man I just got of the field and discovered these. Anyway I can get another shot at these or am I gonna have to trade someone?

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