Arguing with a liberal

I’m in my waning days at my corporate job.  I’ve given my notice, and currently I’m only there in the mornings acting in a consulting fashion as I train my replacement.  I’m out of there at the end of November.  Hasta la vista, corporate world. 


In the meantime, I work with somebody who is a bonafide, hardcore liberal.  (that doesn’t ever seem to pop up at my other job, FBMG, strangely enough)  Pretty much everything I believe in, he doesn’t.  Everything he believes in is about as realistic as the tooth-fairy, but I digress. 


This morning we got into it about school vouchers.  I wore my I VOTED sticker in this morning, and since that was the main thing on the ballot, he asked my opinion.  Of course we were diametrically opposed, but it was extremely educational.  I learned the following facts: 


  1. Competition is good, except for in education, because then it is evil.
  2. Americans are becoming more fragmented, because we have like 300 TV channels, and when we were kids we only had 3, so we need public education to “bring us together”. 
  3. Public education exists so that people can learn about diversity, and different ways of life, otherwise you would just have to learn stuff from things like your parents, or religion, and that is bad.
  4. People shouldn’t send their kids to schools where they can freely associate with people of their choosing, because that is bad for diversity.
  5. Diversity is good, unless it is diversity from liberal thought, because then it is bad.
  6. And the founding fathers were all about public school because of diversity, (he actually used Land Grant as an example) and education has evolved into what we have today (not because of the Industrial Revolution training drones to sit still and concentrate on repetitive crap for 8 hours, mind you) because evolution is good, unless it is evolving so that parents have more choice or freedom, because then, evolution is wrong.


Okay then.  I’m all educated on the issue now.  Too bad I had already voted against the unionized strangulation of the free market.  Drat.  Foiled again.   


This is not the first time we’ve gone around about various topics.  I find that this individual gives me a fascinating view into the liberal mindset.  We’ve argued about guns, concealed carry, Iraq, terrorism, and self defense.


Let me break this down for you.  In order to toe the liberal philosophical line on the use of force, you have to honestly believe that defending yourself is somehow immoral.  You have to believe that if somebody assaults you, it is morally superior for you to just let them hurt you, than it is for you to fight back, whether it is on a small scale (rapist, murder, psycho) or on a large scale (other countries, terrorists).  


And if somebody does take action against you, it is your fault somehow, because you caused it.  Kind of like when a woman is battered by her husband, it is because she burned dinner or looked at him funny.  I pinned him down last time, and asked, “so if somebody was raping your children to death, you wouldn’t do anything about it?  You would just wait for the police to do it for you?”  No response.  Liberal brain vapor lock.  Then sorry, my friend, you are an evolutionary failure.  If you can’t protect your own DNA, then what good are you? 


Finally he comes back with “Oh, that hardly ever happens here.”  Ahh… wishful thinking.  That’s awesome.  I am a CCW instructor, so I kind of collect giant lists of horrible things, so I start rattling off local cases.  That ended it.  He needed to get back to work at that point.


The arguments always meander about aimlessly.  Any logical points I bring up are dismissed with a wave of the hand, and vague references to feelings, and people’s rights to have feelings.  There is no actual comprehension of how people actually operate in real life, rather just a list of platitudes and philosophical impossibilities heaped on a giant pile of steaming bullshit and wishful thinking. 


Oh well… On the bright side, at least I get to experience “diversity of thought” or some other friggin’ nonsense like that.  I’m counting the hours until I’m only working at a place where diversity of thought consists of AR15 vs. AK47 or Mad Greek vs. Apollo Burger for lunch. 

Gun Show: The Aftermath

It was a good show, which was surprising since we just barely had one like six weeks ago.  We went 5 months without one, then two back to back, but considering how many guns we sold, I wouldn’t mind having one of these every month. 

Our simulator was a big draw.  People love to play on the simulator.  Usually we’re running basic games and things of that nature, but the actual training sims are the ones that draw people in.  (though I’m still waiting for one of the customers on the other side of the tent to drop the gun they’re looking at, when the person fighting bad guys on the simulator starts screaming, DROP THE GUN!  DROP THE GUN!)  After the show, we moved the simulator downstairs in our shop, so that it will have more visibility to the public.  So if you come by now, it will be a lot easier for us to demonstrate it to you.


We sold most of our copies of Mitch Vilos’ latest edition of Utah Gun Laws.  We still have a few left, and we’ll be getting more before Mitch’s free symposium at our shop on the 16th. 

On the funny side of things, I’ve just got to point a few things out for gun store shoppers.  If I’ve got a new gun marked at $925, and you offer me $700, don’t be offended when I don’t sell it to you.  Seriously, I don’t know how much margin you think we have in these things, but it ain’t that much.  And yes, I know your cousin saw one on the internet, once, three years ago, for $700… You should have bought that one. 

Massive thanks to all of the Minions for all of their hard work.  You guys rock.

Come see us at the gunshow

Tomorrow is the gunshow at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.  You can come and see us in the northwest corner of the building.  (walk in, hang a left, walk to corner, can’t miss us).

 We’re bringing the simulator, and letting folks play on it for free, which is always fun.   We’ll be teaching a couple of free classes also throughout the day, including our new 7 Saves lesson, where we take the advice that is given to in most police departments to officers involved in a shooting, and break it down for use by CCW holders and armed homeowners. 

Happy Halloween!

I love this time of year.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Sure, other holidays are fun and all, but Halloween is the best.  You can dress like an idiot, eat absurd amounts of sugar, and it is the one time of the year where everybody else has to respect my taste in movies. 


I’ve never been an imaginative type when it comes to costumes.  This year I wore a toga bottom, no shirt, a sword, and a big red cape.  I was a Spartan.  See, when you’re an enormous, hairy man, being shirtless in public is automatically funny.  When I went to the FBMG Halloween party, I walked in, screamed “This is not madness!  THIS IS UTAH!” and kicked one of the other guests in the chest.  It really made me want to have a bottomless pit installed in the gun store. 


And no, there are no pictures.  I had them destroyed in case I ever decide to run for office.  We did get pictures of the best costume, which was a full on Bender from Futurama suit worn by Nick the Intern.  I’ll have to get copies of that to post.  It was pretty sweet. 


I still have my corporate day job (part time, just in the mornings) for another month.  I’m acting as kind of a consultant, as I’m training my own replacement.  In the afternoon I head over to the gun store for the rest of the day.  Let me tell you, it is rather liberating to be at your corporate job, but being past the point of caring what anyone thinks.  For the Halloween party there last week, I wore my OD TRUs, balaclava, and Level IV body armor.  Which, considering what I do for a living now, isn’t really a costume, but it was fun to rattle the liberals. 


“Ooohh… that’s scary… I hope you don’t come and shoot up the place…” or some variant was uttered by every candy-ass wimp there.  Why do people that are inherently pathetic think that is funny?  There’s all of these douche bags in the corporate world that think people like me are just waiting to go postal.  Why?  Because I like guns?  Doofuses.  Why should they worry?  They’ve got a NO GUNS policy, because we all know that will ward off evil. (roll eyes painfully)  But that is the beauty of being in your last month of corporate servitude before moving on to fulltime self employment, you can just look at them and say “Ha ha.  That’s funny… (then turn all serious) But, bitch, if you ever see me walk in here looking like this, on any day other than Halloween… run.”   


My kids love Halloween, partly for the absurd quantity of sugar, partly because they get to dress up.  I’ve got multiple little girls, and we’re slowly weaning them away from dressing as some sort of princess every year.  BARF.  Princess?   This is Halloween, damn it.  No, it is not an excuse to wear a poofy dress and a tiara, damn you Disney channel, damn you straight to hell.  At least this year I got them to dress as vampire princesses, so it was kind of a trade off, but definitely a step in the right direction.


My kids also know that I’m a B-Movie geek, and this is the time of year that I make efforts to find movies that they can watch with me.  This week, it was Gremlins, good old fashioned puppet based mayhem, and fun for the whole family.  And it warms the cockles of my heart to hear my 7 year old say “Well, that wouldn’t happen here.  That’s what shotguns are for.”  Good girl.  And even though I first saw this movie when I was like ten, I still love the scene with the mom takes out three of the little bastards with a blender, a butcher knife, and a microwave.  Ahh… good times. 


Happy Halloween!